Mohammadreza Shams is an artist filmmaker and Lecturer in Film and Media studies at SAE Quantum in Brisbane – Australia. After years of experimental filmmaking in Iran, he moved to Malaysia and achieved his Honours in Film and TV, and Master of Film in Malaysia then he moved to Australia to study Ph.D. From 2017 for five years, he was the community leader, in the position of President at the Iranian Society of Queensland.
He starts his professional career by winning the First award at 100 Second Film Festival in Iran. His first short film in 2008 finds its way to Clermont ISFF. Winning the grand prize of Power and Grace film competition by Asia Promote as the best example of cultural glocalization, achieving best directing, and best film from Malaysian Visual awards, and Best Film for Children at Barcelona Children Film Festival are some of his successes.
Culture Unplugged screened his film which made based on his doctrine on ‘A Cinematic Lexicon; Representation in Cinema of Dasein’s Demise as the Result of Violence in the Home/Alien Encounter’ in the Modern Art Museum of New York as an example of a visual representation of the ability of people to make the best choice.
He is the Director of Shams Pictures, the international production house that produced different documentary projects around the world such as in Turkey, Malaysia, South Africa, Mozambique, and so on. He is been making documentaries about First Nation peoples and unknown ethnographical groups.

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