Association of Iranian Film and Theatre Artists Abroad (AIFTAA)

Second Statement

Dear colleagues, as you are aware through the media, it has been more than three months that the “Woman, Life, Freedom” movement in Iran has weakened the foundations of the authoritarian regime of the Islamic Republic. In these critical days, to legitimize themselves and continue to suppress the protesters to be able to survive, Iran’s rulers are trying every trick to normalize the situation.
One of the tricks of this totalitarian regime is that in preparation for Tehran’s international Fajr film and theatre festivals they invite artists and researchers from around the world to attend the festivals as participants, judges, and specialists. In this way, The Islamic Republic attempts to give credibility to these state-run festivals and thereby present a free and democratic image of itself. This action is in complete contrast with this oppressive regime’s brutal and violent treatment of protesters and artists, and it is a desperate move during the current revolutionary situation in Iran.
We are a group of theatre and film artists who, due to the suffocating situation in Iran, have had to leave the country to be scattered all over the world. We ask you to stand with the people of Iran by rejecting the invitation of the Islamic Republic to participate in these propaganda festivals.
Dear colleagues, do not legitimise this child-killing regime by attending the Fajr festivals.
More than 40 artists in the fields of film, theatre, and music are under torture in the Islamic Republic’s prisons. More than 140 artists have been prohibited from working and barred from exiting the country. In recent days, Taraneh Alidoosti, a well-known actress, has been arrested, and Hosein Mohammadi, a young theatre actor, has received the death sentence.
The Islamic Republic has proven time and time again that in order to survive they will not avoid committing any crime.
To end oppression, torture, and execution, and for “Woman, Life, Freedom”, stand with us and with the people of Iran.
Let’s unite to give a new meaning to international solidarity.

Association of Iranian Film and Theatre Artists Abroad


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