Maziar Raphaël Razaghi was born in 1972 in Tehran. He is a graduate of the Film and Television Sound School (Mojtama cinemaï, Iran), Université Paris 8, and Greta in France.
He has lived in Paris since 2009 working as a sound recordist, editor, designer, and teacher.
He has collaborated with famous independent directors on some fifty films, documentaries, concerts, and TV shows, such as “We’ve Got Time” (2015) by Abdolreza Kahani – 49th Karlovy Vary Film Festival – or “Frontier Blues” (2008) by B. Jalali – 53rd Sans Francisco Film Festival and 62nd Locarno Film Festival- and “Over There” (2007) by A. Kagani – winner of Thessaloniki Film Festival.
As the head of the ‘Bien en place’ association, he has co-produced films and organized many screenings, readings, and shows in Paris. Since 2013 he has attended Cannes International Film Festival and written many articles covering the event. During 2021 and 2022, he curated four painting exhibitions with the support of her Imperial Majesty Farah Pahlavi. He has published
on social networks several reports on cultural events and he has been an advisor to many independent artists.
With years of experience working on documentaries, from Arte’s “Tous Les habits, du monde” in 2009 to “Fall in love” in 2020 (in postproduction), he has been developing a documentary project of his personal life emigrating from Iran to France and as the first gay Iranian man married in 2016.


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