Mehran Tamadon: Born in Iran in 1972, left his home country in 1984 to live in France where he finished his study and became an architect. In 2000 he returned back to Iran for the purpose of having an artistic orientation. In 2002, he mounted the artistic installation Visions of the urban stroller during the conceptual art exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tehran, published two essays in Persian and then in 2004 he made his first documentary; Behesht Zahra. His film discovered a new religious universe far from the one he knew before he left Iran, by interviewing a handful of defenders of the Islamic Republic. In 2010, he directed Bassidji, a feature-length documentary, in which he undertook his attempts to have a dialogue with those who support the Iranian regime. In 2014, he applied the same approach on those who supported the regime to reach a realistic reflection about the possibilities of “living together in harmony” . Since 2016, Mehran Tamadon has been working in the psychiatric field as well.


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