Shabnam Farshadjoo born in February 1978 in Tehran, Iran.
In December 1995, She participated in Samandarian’s acting Academy. A year later, she started her career as a profesional theater actress. She started her academic studies 1996, in the field of drama (acting) at Art and Architecture Universit of Tehran.
She works with the most worldknown Iranian directors such as Davood Mirbagheri, Ali Rafie, Bahram Beyzaei, Alireza Koushk Jalali, Davood Rashidi , Homa Rousta , and Hamid Labkhande.
For acting in The nights of Avignon, she won the 1999 best actress award in Fajr Theatre Festival. In 2006, as a director, She performed a play for Iranian Women’s Festival and won the best director and best actor and best designer awards. In 2007, She chose as a referee in Theater House Festival. She nominated for 2013 Best Actress Award by Fajr International Theater Festival for Hamlet. In 2019, right before Covid pandemic she acted in “I’m a woman, do you hear me” which premiered in Piccolo Thetro in Milan, Italy.
Some of her international performances are: The nights of Avignon, Germany 2000 , ( köln,Berlin,Munich), No one remembers all the stories ;Germany (Hamburg and Hanover), The bear and proposal ;Russia( Moscow), Revelation on silent party; south korea (Seoul), No one remembers all the stories ; Morroco ( Casablanca), Hamlet ;Italy (milan ), Hamlet ;Pland (Gdansk), and I’m a woman, do you hear me; Italy (Milan).


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